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Saturday, 07 December 2013



Dear Kathy, You have always been a good listener. You have always been a good friend. You always considered others before yourself. You are a GOOD person (one of the best I know). I am glad you are at a much better place now and that you are feeling better. I love you!

Rosie McDermott

Yay! I'm so, so happy you're feeling better darlin!!! I was on meds for years for anxiety and they changed my life. They really work! I had some pretty bad postpartum anxiety with L and wished maybe I had heeded my own advice, but I was nursing and didn't want to screw that up. Plus, admittedly, I thought I could "get over it" in other ways. I *still* think that as I consider whether I should be back on them...

But enough about ME :) I know how bad the dizzies made you feel and I'm super happy that they're GONE. You deserve to feel amazing, because you are! Miss you!!

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