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Thursday, 31 May 2012



JB- thanks honey!

I'm trying to catch up for missed opportunities and am looking to cut corners & do without where ever I can. Please share any good blogs you think I would like! xoxo <3


I'm totally old school (and cheap) - track my progress on a sheet of paper :-)

Inzolo DOES look pretty cool, but I like the actual writing down on paper process.

Also, I concur with Dave that when you spend paper money it makes your purchase more "real" than when you spend with a debit card.

My 2 cents of course! Do you have a blog, Dustin?

Dustin Davis

Good work! I'm the same way, I pull out the Dave Ramsey podcast when I start needing that motivation. I've listed to so many episodes that I know what he is going to say, but it is motivational - especially listening to all the debt free stories.

What are you using to track your debts? I built a debt tracking tool into Inzolo.com. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on it if you want to check it out.


That's awesome - as soon as we get back from a trip we couldn't get out of (and are having to spend more money than I'd like on, thankfully most is already paid for...) I'm reading blogs, (re)starting envelope system, and working on paying down and off these credit cards! Keep posting your progress, it is extremely motivating!!!

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