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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Adrienne Saia

First off - and most importantly - I love this post. For so many reasons.

Some might consider "deal breaker" lists to be arbitrary and prohibitive. However, I tend to appreciate them. My "list," as of now: No kids (After years, this still remains true, no matter how many people tell me it will change. The circumstances would need to be... unique... for me to change my mind). Must love Juno nearly as much as I do. Doesn't need to be a a vegetarian like me, but likes to play outside and must give a shit about their body (being a skier doesn't hurt either).

Additionally, while tattoos work for me, I know some people are entirely turned off by them. I think analyzing the culture of tattoos and physical attraction (or lack, thereof) would be interesting.

Hearts to you, friend. :)


What a fantastic list! Mine now (and my husband fits it to a T, minus our kid hehe) is very similar to yours! My must haves also include liking to cuddle on the couch, doesn't mind socializing with total strangers and making new friends, being neat, and good work ethic. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you!!!


Wow Kath!! Happy Birthday to you!! You never cease to amaze me -- good luck with a very exciting adventure .... xoxo

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