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Tuesday, 11 October 2011



Love that new motto... easy to read, challenging (but still possible)


I can totally relate to days like that! Your perseverance and commitment are inspiring. Thanks for sharing... I'm big (as you know) on the excuses and rationalizations we tell ourselves... and how to combat them and get the things done we *really* want to do. Awesome post and thanks (again) for the inspiration. You totally rock!


You are very strong Kath! way to deal with a tippy situation in an artful way. +<3 Lark


I can relate. It feels like every day is like that for me lately. I'm also trying to do the take care of myself thing and struggling hard core. I think creating systems to make the good stuff second nature is key. My body started screaming at me a couple weeks ago, and I'm learning to listen...namely doing better every day and forgiving myself when I fail...which is often. It helps to ask for support and say yes to things that give you joy--even when tired. Also, engaging what you can in more meaningful ways.

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