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Sunday, 10 October 2010



@HDW - I totally want to talk with Amy! Thanks!!

@Jillian - Good to know - I am loving hearing all about everyone's post-surgery experience.

@Jess -Awww...thanks for that perspective, honey! And you are totally right...things happen for a reason.

@Bob - Wow...thanks for the 411. Yeah, age and being in shape can really affect recovery time. With this being my right knee (aka my driving knee) I already know I won't be driving for at least a week. (btw, glad you're still checking in :-) )


I had surgery on a torn meniscus in my left knee back in May of 2005...quickie procedure, couldn't see the 'scope scars...I had the tears shaved down instead of repaired completely.

I was able to heal fairly quickly because I was much more active and in shape then (at age 27) than I am now.

I was prohibited from movement for 3 days, then up on crutches for the next 5. By Day 8, I was able to walk unassisted, and 2 1/2 weeks in was cleared for gym exercises that included running-type motions.

What helped in my case was that the knee operated on was one I didn't use for driving. If it were, I'd have been out of commission longer.

I think I only used something like 3 pain pills over the entire time, regular ones like Percs.


You probably could have forced yourself to run a marathon. But it probably would have hurt like hell then and for years afterward because of the damage you'd have done to yourself in the process. You have accomplished plenty of other wonderful, challenging things in your life... no need to regret not doing that particular one!

I have no experience with knee surgery to share, but I am crossing my fingers that yours will go smoothly!


Patrick had meniscus surgery a few years ago - the first few days/weeks (about 2-3 weeks) no driving for him, hobbled around on crutches, and took very little pain medicine b/c he hates taking pain meds. He can run now, albeit more slowly, and can play racquetball with a knee brace.

Rehab was tough - his knee was so tight after the surgery and he had to work on rebuilding muscles diverted to rebuild removed ones. He got thru it though, and it really wasn't as bad as either of us planned on it being!

You'll do GREAT, and if you need to, crush up pain meds and stir them in a glass of water or juice - makes them easier to take! :)


My friend Amy would be a great resource for you to the knee surgery, pain, recovery, etc. She's had two surgeries and one while pregnant. I know she'd answer any of your questions.

So, I have ONE sorta answer for you anyway. :)

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