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Friday, 24 September 2010


Darin Hagre

Glad to hear that you've got it all straightened out, I definitely know how stressful that can be.

Living without the slavery of debt is a challenge, but once you get there, lots of different doors and opportunities open up for you!

Kind of crazy to think that everyone is just trying to "get back to zero!"


Sounds like a great apartment! Congrats!


Can't wait to stop by for a visit! :)

Ginger Pelz

Kath! Oh my goodness - congratulations! This sounds like the perfect place for you to be comfortable, have all the amenities of having your own place, and be soooo stinkin' close to work. Couldn't be happier for you! The dream house will show up eventually, but for now, enjoy this awesome space.


I am so happy for you. And inspired by your strength and recognition that it's just not time yet to buy. It's a tough decision and hard to quiet the "want" voice.

Congratulations. I can't wait to come visit and give it some good mojo before we leave town.



@Tami - Thanks girlie!! Glad things are working out for you :-)

@Rosie - Most def!!

@Chaya - Out of respect for my landlord's privacy, won't divulge any personal info about them or their family. Guests, sure!! When do you arrive?? :-) xoxo you too!


sounds great! you didn't say anything about the land lord. Can you have visitors? love, chaya


Yay, that sounds awesome! Hope you're going to have some sort of housewarming, even if it's just having me over to do some warming myself :)


Congratulations! The place sounds wonderful and I am so glad that it's working for you. It sounds GORGEOUS!

I admire you so much! I've been employing "want vs. need" (which I totally learned from you) and I have to say that you have (unknowingly on your part) helped me a lot.

And, I agree, Angela is awesome. Thank YOU for introducing me to her.

Much love!

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