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Friday, 18 June 2010


Sarah E. Welch

Noosa! It's available at King Soopers, Whole Foods, and the Boulder Farmer's Market. They give out samples of the honey flavor at the farmer's market, so you could try before you buy :)


I was blown away by how much sugar is in a lot of yogurts. 30g (a whole day's worth!) in some cases! Holy jeez! So I'm glad you posted this because I love yogurt, just not all the sugar that comes with them. I think I'll have to try Kezza's suggestion.

My mom loves yogurt, too, but she told me that if I ever find yogurt that I don't think is very good but has good, healthy numbers anyhow, a spoonful of sugar is less damaging than getting high-sugar yogurts. A teaspoon of sugar is roughly 5g of sugar, and my mom said that really anything more than a teaspoon is the difference between a healthy blood sugar count and a diabetic blood sugar count (when dissolved into the system). That may help your yogurt decisions, as it helped mine :)


hmmm... i like vanilla flavored low fat stonyfield or brown cow. but the vanilla adds sugar, so maybe not the healthiest solution. i love adding raspberries (yum!) to mine, too.


The lactard in me LOVES the So Delicious coconut milk yogurt. You can taste the coconut, so if you're not a coconut fan, I'd stay away. Otherwise, it could be a good alternative as it doesn't have that tangy milk taste regular yogurt does. (Or maybe you like that?)Unfortunately it's not cheap though.

Also, Greek yogurt - which is thicker than regular - seems to be all the rage lately. Maybe give that a try?


A long time ago I was doing the 'travel through Europe' deal and I arrived in Switzerland tired and hungry. This nice girl shared some wonderful bread and the creamiest strawberry yogurt I've ever had. It was exquisite! I've never had anything so good to this day!

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