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Saturday, 30 January 2010



Hey sis! :)

I'm continually impressed by your gracious, forward-looking attitude. It's a joy to share time, laughter and experiences with you. I'm certainly blessed to have a friend like you!

If you do the paleo/crossfit thang, go kick butt! It looks like an intense--but very rewarding--experience.

As far as living space, I hope you're able to enjoy where you are now as much as possible, and plan for a wonderful home in the future. You know what I've discovered about my "needs" in my living space? Simplicity. I'm inclined to buy and collect lots of beautiful things...but ultimately, I value minimalism over busyness...as difficult as it is to maintain a minimalist living space. It gives me room to breath, think, dream. :)


I haven't lived in many places...I tend to stay put once I find a place to land, but I find it is very easy to outgrow a spot. While I LOVED my last place for most of the four years I lived there, the last year there was utter Hell. The place I live in now is not a good fit either, but it has to do for now.

For the longest time, I thought I was low-maintenance and didn't need a lot to be happy. But that's BS. Your home *should* be perfect because it's where you go to be yourself...to recharge. if it's aggravating, it *will* drive you crazy.

I've learned that I absolutely need quiet. I grew up in a loud neighborhood where peace was not possible. I crave it, and construction noise will turn me into an angry bitch more than anything else. At the same time, I need to be close to nature. Living next to a park has been such a blessing. I love seeing people and dogs. I love seeing the sun rise/set. I've learned that a balcony or a yard is essential too because I like eating outside and having a little garden. Light is important. It's amazing what landlords try to get away with. Right now, I don't have overhead lighting at all in my bedroom. I kind of feel like I live in a cave...and it bugs me.

I like big kitchens, bathrooms, and closets with lots of organizational options. But I like the apartments to be kind of small/cozy. I am surprised by how much I like carpets, but I think I need hardwood floors somewhere in my how to be sane. I need to have control over my heating/cooling (AC is essential), too. An in-unit washer/dryer is essential too. I hate the whole laundry dance (I used to love laundry, but no more).

I grump out over my too-small appliances. The dishwasher doesn't work well; the freezer is too small; the doors on my fridge aren't situated for a right-handed person. And there are magnets on my cabinets--which drive me batshit. But I do love the pantry and the linen closets...well, all the closets (HUGE).

I am most sensitive to the white walls and curtains that cover the sliding doors to the balcony. I need bright colors or I feel stifled. But I do love the gym, sauna, and pool here. Do I need it? Sometimes, yes.

So, yea...light, quiet, color, privacy, and the right amount of space...and some creature comforts. I kind of prefer condo-apt living to the house thing (less upkeep and always someone to call if shit goes wrong...plus no yard work and people very close to you all the time). I've sincerely loved living in Cheesman. I also really loved the Highlands area (more on the Regis side), too.

Good luck in finding a nice place that works for you.


So glad that things are looking good for you, health-wise! And I also think it's wonderful that you sold your house and then, instead of locking yourself into another purchase, took some time to try something new and in the process, managed to figure out what it is you really want and need out of a living space. That is so important.

I LOVE about our house that it has lots of sun all day long. It just feels bright and airy. I also love the fireplaces, and the closets. I was always somewhat messy before and now I'm not, and I think the big difference is that now we have enough space for everything. "A place for everything and everything in its place" actually seems to apply here. And being able to live in a clean, organized space makes such a difference for me.

There are a million other things I love about our house, but most of those are wants rather than needs.

Speaking of our house... we should have you over to it again soon! When will that happen?

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