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Thursday, 14 January 2010



My first one was with the Monsters: spend 30 minutes a day working with the dogs and the training they require. Since there are two of them they sort of entertain each other and it's easy for me to just ignore them when I'm home, let them tussle and play with each other instead of interacting with them myself. And that's not going to ever turn them into animals I *want* to interact with, so obviously, I need to put in the time! I never had a problem with this with Cairo, but with these guys, it's a bit of a chore...one I had fallen into the habit of avoiding. Easier to just retrain myself than attempt to train them, you know? So, Habit #1 was to put in some minimal training time every single day. They're such louts compared to Cairo, they just don't learn quickly AT ALL!! But the habit has stuck, so, yay.

Habit #2 is - like you - financial. Consolidate a few accounts, update my online records, make sure I know where the data is. And then maintain it digitally, tracking my budget more vigilantly than I normally do. (Which would be, um, 'not at all.' Seriously, I might as well not bother to MAKE a budget for all the tracking of it I do.)

Good luck!!


This is great! Good work.

We started ours on New Year's. No spending! None, other than absolute essentials like groceries. We haven't eaten out or bought anything non-essential yet this year. 14 days in!


Good for you!

I stopped drinking soda for a few months and lost a lot of weight. I'm doing that again this year. I feel better when I don't drink it, so good job to you!!

I laughed at the "you don't drink it, you rent it" comment about water . SO TRUE!


Wow....that's quite a leap (from coke to finances). Best of luck!

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