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Tuesday, 08 September 2009



Awesome Kath! I'm totally excited for you! Prayers comin' your way for a quick and easy sale!


@Wondermonkey- oooh...awesome! That is super close to work and definitely an area I'm considering. Thanks for sharing :-)

@Larkin - I know, huh!! Thanks for your kind wishes. And who knows, maybe you'll have another friend living in Boulder before too long :-)

@Jess- Thanks Jess! You HAVE to come see my purple room before I move! Will keep ya posted :-)


Oh, so exciting! I hope it sells right away for a good price! Fingers crossed!


Awesome! congrats on another pursuit of life at it's best, and good luck!


There are a couple signs on 100th right by me about rooms for rent and such. Also I found out today the family behind us is moving, so the house right down the hill from me is for sale too!

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