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Sunday, 02 August 2009



As hooked as I get on the crap, I think back to when my family didn't even have a television for 6 years and realize that there were some great benefits. We took back the DVR at Kelly's and now that I don't have control over what's on, it all feels like junk and I don't want to watch it.


Oh, we love the NBA playoffs. I am totally a Nuggets fan now. That alone makes paying for cable worth it for me! You are totally welcome to come over next year to watch them with us!


I'm watching cable at my parents' house while I'm house-sitting and find that it's just a nice luxury. I'd rather go somewhere to watch a Cubs game, spend my money on the beer there instead, and enjoy the game with a few other people!

Good for you getting rid of TV. I don't think I'm 100% clear from wanting to watch TV, but it's more and more of a luxury for me.

HGTV is getting awful anyways!

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