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Monday, 03 August 2009



@Weatherdem - seriously? That's just sweet!! * cue me kicking HDH *

My love list this morning -
Being home and not in a hotel fighting over an elevator with angry Japanese tourists.
Having a healthy child who is sleeping still upstairs.
The ability to block on MSN! Ha!!! Suckers.

Love you honey. Hope to see you before too long!


@JennyJenJen - Positive is the only way I can be. Negative people/environments suck the life out of me and are deadly to me...so I avoid them like the plague. Good for you at trying to be more positive!!

@Jess- YAY!!!

@WeatherDem - And your blogging buddies love you and your beautiful new wife!!


Love my new wife!
Love my blogging buddies!
Love my garden.


I love this list! How about that?


By the way, love the new subtitle on your site ("Sorta kinda" especially!).


I love how we made lists virtually at the same time without knowing the other made one. :D Yours, of course, is a bit more positive than mine, but... I think that's how you are, much more positive than I am :) I'm trying, I really am!

Here's my post!

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