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Thursday, 16 July 2009



We cook tons at my house. grilling is really easy (few dishes to clean) in the summer time. let's get moving summer is half way over!. This entire post reminded me of my big list (put together way back in 2003, it needs to be updated): http://www.artifacting.com/blog/2003/04/23/the-big-list/


I wish I had the time to enjoy fully my summer - but I suppose the whole "getting married" thing is an adventure in itself! I'll make my "last season" autumn instead - go hiking and camping more, go to a live concert that leaves me full of energy, make cookies and muffins 'just because' for folks, go rock climbing more, learn to breathe and be happy, find a bigger place where I can entertain more!

Good luck on the cooking - I used to hate it (mostly intimidated) but now I love it and cook every chance I get! Get a few beginner cookbooks (or recipes online) - that may help ease the transition. The library is a great resource for that, and I love epicurious.com!


The Flaming Lips are at Red Rocks in August! You're welcome to join us :-D

Heather Clisby

I love cooking but didn't always feel that way. It wasn't until my stint as a restaurant reviewer and food writer that I began to appreciate the creativity involved. It's basically art you can eat! Don't shy away from making something big or fancy for yourself - that's what freezers are for.

If you really want to set a goal for yourself, throw a dinner party! I'll come - I'm really skilled at eating.


I love cooking. My Daddy was a chef, and I have lots of foodie/chef friends. But I find it's difficult to cook for just me. I make huge amounts of over-the-top food, typically, and well...it all goes to waste. :( My challenge this year has been scaling things back--both size-wise and health-wise. I am still the takeout queen, but doing the menu thing is helping.

And everything you described--it's how I live my life. It's not easy, but it's worth it.


I just decided to start cooking more, too! (Although, I happen to like cooking. I just don't like the routine of making dinner).

We've started listing out our weekly menu on the chalkboard in the kitchen. Since it's so lame to see "tomato sandwich" (my summer staple) up there, we've been making some good stuff this week.....gazpacho, quinoa salad, potato salad, thai, etc....

So there's my Martha tip for the day. You're welcome :)


This stuff is all so cool! It sounds like it's going to be an awesome summer.

Also... if you like cleaning kitchens... want to come over?



That's a great story, and a great way of looking at things. Thanks for sharing! :-)

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