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Monday, 27 July 2009


Heather Clisby

You, of all people, know that Karma is cyclical. The more you give, the more you get. It makes people happy to give because intrinsically they know it will come back tenfold. I'm so glad you have wonderful friends who will rescue you but you are a Ride-to-the-Airport kind of friend and those are hard to find.

I'm more concerned with your car, which seems to leave you stranded too often for my comfort.


Your blog is freakin' spectacular lately!

I am the same way. So many people have helped me out lately that it's unreal, and I'm feeling horribly guilty. I've concocted several plans to repay my wonderful friends for doing wonderful things.

I just hope I don't forget that being a good friend in the first place is one of the best ways to repay kindness from friends.


This is so sweet. I'm glad you had friends who were able to be there for you, as you would have been for them. You deserve it!


I'm the same way. It's exceedingly difficult for me to accept help. When I met my ex, it was something I really had to learn. I went through some financial difficulties and I think his kindness and help during that time helped me take the next step with him. It's an important lesson. Unfortunately, I feel like I need to keep learning it!

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