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Sunday, 10 May 2009


Tara Anderson

I like Boulder for some of the reasons you mentioned, but I really appreciate that Boulder is so close to Denver. When I get fed up with everyone looking the same (as they do in Bouldaire), I love that Denver and diversity is a quick drive away. Denver makes me feel like I'm in the big city and a bunch of my friends live there, so I have nothing but good things to say about it.

Thanks for sharing your viewpoint!


i'm moving from Boulder to Denver in August; and i couldn't possibly be more excited. Boulder is a college town with an aging hippie infrastructure, plus a little hiking. The bars are overpopulated with morons who reek of cologne and underage girls with unconvincing fake IDs. looking at the oil refinery, Denver, and the mountains--in that order--driving on I-70 is one of my favorite views in the world, and i don't know why.


I do like Boulder (despite the pretentiousness, overpriced housing, and complete and utter homogeneity) but I *LOVE* Fort Collins...those are the two towns that should be compared. Denver and Boulder? Two totally different places!

Brett Borders

Boulder is far from paradise... but I appreciate the fact I can either walk or ride my bike around town with ease... and I can go to an convenience store after 10 p.m. without fearing for my life.

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