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Tuesday, 10 March 2009



Kath, this is tremendous. I've spent the last several years taking becoming debt-free very seriously and it has really changed the way I assign *value* to things. In my opinion, through this process, I have learned what really matters in this life (and rarely do material things ever make my list).

I'm so close to paying off all of my debts as well (I just finished paying off two big ones and just a few more to go...I'm getting antsy). Financial freedom is a top priority for me, really, but I also want to make sure I don't end up in poverty state of mind because I've been so frugal over these last few years. I once had someone tell me "there will always be enough" and I try to have faith in that whenever I panic about lack. But when it's all said and done it's important to play it smart and make good decisions while not completely depriving yourself - it's always about balance, isn't it?

Good luck to you - you seem to be well on your way, sister!


The iPhone sure is a pretty little thing, isn't it? But even if you caved to your id and bought one, there would probably be something you don't like about it -- for example, where I live, AT&T stinks, so people with iPhones are always, always getting dropped calls. Turns the iPhone into a very expensive way to play Tetris.

Just something to keep in mind! Sometimes the things we want turn out to be not so great once we get 'em. :)


I'm seriously inspired every time I go to your blog. Tips on being happier, wise advice, things that just make me smile.. way to go lady! :)


I am starting to have to employ that state of mind - given my current financial status (minimal student loans to last me thru my summer of bar taking and being unable to start practicing until October) and overwhelming debt that is about to start coming due (again, law school loans), and that small thing called my wedding, I have to shrink my shopping experiences and buy only what is absolutely necessary. I figure that piece of jewelry I want will be around in 6 months, or something similarly pretty, and I can always find a tshirt like the one I'm eying, etc.

Not much fun, but being debt free sounds like a helluva lot more stress-reducing than having a new this or that! (I did cave and get a Blackberry last December though - and that was because my phone died, and I was able to get the 500 dollar phone for 100 b/c it had been so long since my last phone purchase).


Atta girl! this has reminded me of the 800+ dollars i currently owe Guitar Center. It should be illegal to give a credit card for a young broke musician to buy gear.


And it will only take a day for you to realize that it really was a need all that time. ;-)

Though, I just wish the damn thing could prevent drunk dialing and drunk Facebooking. I don't know what's worse. LOL


My mantra for the last couple of years: Is it good? Is it kind? Is it necessary? If whatever it is doesn't meet all three, then I don't do it. Sounds like, if you did cave, it'd finally meet the requirements.

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