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Sunday, 21 December 2008



Christmas is like Valentine's Day - its just a day to remind others how much you care. However, caring isn't shown through presents or cards, you can show it in a million other (cheaper) ways. I too didn't send out cards this year, and the few gifts I am giving are minimal but I put a ton of thought into them. Its the thought, not the price tag, that matters this holiday season.
Miss you and Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah!


Growing up, I was always "the Christmas girl." I always loved the festiveness of this time of year, and I adored getting presents because I never really had anything special. I even continued to love it after my Daddy died two weeks before Christmas--but not for the same reasons. It was because people went out of their way to love us. It always struck home for me what the holiday season was about.

I've always been the person who gave gifts to people that made them cry. I never spent a lot of money. I normally made things or wrote things instead. I made them cry because I recognized who they were.

I haven't celebrated Christmas since my Mama died. There just didn't seem to be a point to it, and I honestly didn't have the stamina to deal with it all.

A couple years ago, I sent out cards--but I realized quickly that it was yet another way for my family to hurt me--so I stopped.

Every year since I met the OOMA, I have exchanged presents. This year, I gave him a present because I ordered it before everything happened--but I doubt I'll get one back. There's many things to doubt about him right now.

I actually put a tiny wreath on the door, some blue lights, and bought a tiny potted, plain tree. It's as much as I could tolerate, and I nearly had an anxiety attack while getting them.

I'll never be the Christmas girl again, but I can be me. Christmas is not a time for celebration. It's a time to love people. You don't need gifts or cards for that--and you certainly shouldn't save your love until now.

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