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Tuesday, 12 February 2008



I am single and I love valentines day!!! I treat myself when single but I love the romance of the day!!! I always send out warm positive thoughts for those in relationships/dating/fooling around (hehe had to encompass them all) and for the singledoms I always hope they are spoiling themselves!!!

Gratz on your really good Valentines Day!!!



This makes a ton of sense to me and I'm thinking about making VDay all about me as well. Instead of dinner I'm thinking breakfast. :) Great post, it's put some good thoughts in my head.


Married, single or dating, I've never really thought much of Valentine's Day. The single best VDay was when my dad gave me a rose. Other than that, it's been a train wreck ... including a friend in HS getting run over by a damn tractor!!


My rule of thumb for most things (religion, politics, holdays) is "if a human can Eff it up, ignore the human part". In other words, what's so wrong with taking one day of the year to celebrate love? Ignore the commercialism, the defeatists, etc. Take time to make yourself or someone else feel loved.


Good for you! My actual Vday (Thurs) will be spent by myself - but I plan on making myself a nice dinner, taking a bubble bath, enjoying a glass of wine, and going to bed early. We're celebrating Friday together, but I am looking forward to my alone Vday almost as much! Kudos on the gym membership as well, I know you'll thank yourself the entire time! Happy Valentine's Day buddy!

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