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Thursday, 20 December 2007



@wondermonkey- Right you are!

@Howard-nope, not bitter. It was what I was surrounded by in FL in 2004. And I totally get what you mean.

@hubs-You ARE lucky!

What I wrote in 2004...in FL...reflected where I was in my life and my surroundings. Life in CO has shown me friends that have relationships that DO work and work very well. Maybe it's the altitude?


i'm proof you're wrong. you'll just have to trust me (an important part of relationships). to me the give is totally worth the take and visa versa. but i also consider myself lucky.


"Bitter. Party of one. Bitter. You're table is ready."

I kid coz I love. I'm 40 years-old and find myself in the most serious and longest relationship in my life. It's weird. I'm with you -- most relationships don't work and there are many who shouldn't be in one UNLESS they can find that person who has matching baggage. No, not literally.

Relationships can work, but you also can't get bogged down in trying to make a failing one work. Move on.


"Feel free to prove me wrong."



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