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Tuesday, 25 December 2007



Cheese ;-)


Hey, at least your driveway isn't 1.8 miles long like ours is now! But on the other hand, plowing with the bobcat is a lot of fun... no complaints from me, at least not this early into the winter.

I got a scabbard! Sounds piratey, no? It matches my saddlebag, so when I ride in tham thar mountayns I won't get et by the mountain lion. Or something like that. But yeah, I got a scabbard.

And I need to find a dictionary to look up "truckle". Does anything besides soap come in a truckle?


It's not JUST A RING of soap. It's a whole truckle! An 8 lb truckle. ;-)

Do you even know HOW to use a snowblower? Seems like something that would make you nervous.....like a gas grill. LOL

Big Scott

I got a ring of soap from Lush.

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