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Wednesday, 10 October 2007



A tip of my jauntily angled hat to you. Above and beyond the call.

And as for the “not commenting on other blogs” thing, it’s a lot like when I was a journalist and we had a big debate in the newsroom over whether or not to cut the word “niggardly” from a writer’s story. (Let me just make it clear, here and now, the word “niggardly” has nothing to do with the dreaded “N-word.” Never has.)

We knew some people would send us hate mail because they have a weak grasp of the English language. In fact, Wikipedia has a nice page on public figures that have unjustly gotten in trouble for using it.

We eventually ran with it anyway, taking up the mantle that we would not write down to our readers, but rather require them to think and deduct. Basically, we expected more from our readers than other publications do.

Similarly, I expect more from readers of The Factory Floor than other bloggers might. But I’ve taken it a step further than in my journalism days. Now, I expect more of my readers than I do of myself. While I call for comments and/or references, I am, more often than not, too lazy to reciprocate... I’d make a joke about me being niggardly with my comments, but that’s just not true. I really am just lazy.

Hopefully, however, this long comment will make up for over three years of not commenting.

Thanks again for the alphabet of praise.

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