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Thursday, 05 July 2007



You poor thing carrying all of that around. I know you have got to feel a hundred times better now. It is so heart warming to hear how HDW and family were able to take care of you. How sweet.

Princess Jami

No WONDER you were in so much pain all the time...you were growing an alien lifeform! ;-) Good-bye, fibroids! Hello, flat tummy! I just think it's super amazing that this surgery was major, but you feel so much better almost right away. Yay!

Harold and his Purple Crayon rock! I wanted to have such a crayon when I was a kid.


Those pics are some serious sh**, too! I couldn't believe it when I saw them. But, after seeing them, I can completely understand why Kath was in so much pain!

The Bug misses you!


Yeah - slap those pictures up :)

Glad to hear the recovery is going so smoothly! Woohoo to flat tummies!!


Ina see the pics!!!!!

'Harold and the Purple Crayon' is my ALL time favorite book!!!


I'm curious about the photos. I had a myomectomy years ago and I wished I had asked for the darn photos. But I didn't. Anyway,you must be so relieved. Rest up!


So glad to hear that you are doing so well. Get better quicker!

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