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Monday, 13 November 2006



This isn't fair. Everyone gets to go out and have fun while I get stuck with this school shit. May cannot get here fast enough! Raar!


Extra dirty, extra olvies.

And then helloooooooo, the top comes off ...


And a Dirty Martini if I remember correctly??


FINE. I'll put out. But I need some mood lighting and good music first, please and thank you.


Hell ya Rose and Clizbiz...you're both IN!

Anyone else?? Anyone?


Me! Me! Me! Take me too! Unlike HDW, I TOTALLY put out.

Can't wait to cheer on my favorite improv star!


I wanna go too!


HDW- Be your date?? Would LOVE to be your date! All the other bloggers will be oh-so-jealous, dontcha think? Am counting the seconds :-)

HC- #1 Rule of Howardness- never put anything past Howard.

Howard - Please don't read that comment I just left for The History Chic



Are you going? Wanna be my date? I don't put out on the first date though - fyi.

(let me know, can meet you @ the club, leaving early next a.m. for PDX, OR)


LOL!! Thanks sweetie. This has made my otherwise crappy day a little bit better.

History Chic

Though I wouldn't put it past Howard, are you sure he isn't paying you in banana's???

Actually wished I lived in Denver and could go check them out!! Howard cracks me up...so all the Denverites had better go and let us Texans know how it is!!!

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