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Wednesday, 16 August 2006



sounds to me like these people could use all the help they can get.


I would definitely agree: is it really their fault, or did our system make them this way?

And I am not using the "welfare makes it too easy for people to take advantage" excuse here - it is not welfare's problem at all. Think if welfare or food stamps didn't even exist for these people. Would that would make them any better? Probably not.

The issues here are more deeply rooted than simply "not working hard" or "mooching off the system."

/liberal diatribe ;-)

Anyway, democrat or not - there's definitely a problem in what you witnessed yesterday!

i know, i can smell it

Crap like this makes it hard to maintain any nugget of hope in humanity. I'm often amazed at the shit people are willing to say out loud...and in this case announce to anyone in earshot. I really think that it is the systems that are broken though, and not so much (as much?)the people who operate within them. If it's just as easy to coast on by and feed off the system as it is to work hard and live conscientiously, I guess some folks go for option 1.


Well, as we all know that I'm not the democrat that you are, its pretty much a no-brainer that I agree with you here. I DO know people who have had to rely on foodstamps and welfare in order to survive, and I wholly understand their need to do so. However, unfortunately there are the people like you encountered today who take advantage of the system and ruin it for all. They piss me off so much. And the worst part? Their children will end up just like them, unless there is a prodigy that comes out of the HS dropout/jobless/slut mother. (I just included the slut part b/c I'm pissed). People like this? Destroy my faith in mankind.

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