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Tuesday, 08 August 2006



Ya know, the same thing happened to your brother-in-law Mike..they didn't find his car for a week. Of course, it was parked right where he left it!!


oh, Kathy!


Dawned on me late last night after I posted why this happened.

See, I frequent two Target Stores...Cherry Creek and Stapleton. I park in a specific place at each store.

I mixed them up last night. Parked in my 'Stapleton location' even tho I was at Cherry Creek. The Target feel-good effect must have hit in the parking lot before I entered, thus erasing my memory.

Or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Lost a car in Boulder once. Woke up drunk in someone else's clothes then got to walk the hill for 3 long hot hours.


Kinda like the time I'd gotten so high in Elko, Nevada, I 'locked' my keys in the bed of my truck. I called the locksmith so that I could watch him pull down the tailgate, reach in and grab them for me. Cost me $35. What a tool.


Been there, done that. Only I didn't call the cops.

I finally found my car.

This is why I park in the same place every time ...


I have nothing. NOTHING. to say. Wow. I am impressed Kath - you exhaust me!!! Haha, just kidding - really glad it all worked out...


I have nothing. NOTHING. to say. Wow. I am impressed Kath - you beat me!!!


obviously the target shopping really WAS like being on drugs ;-)

glad you found 'er.


My ballot (which as you know I mailed in a long time ago, but I wore my sticker yesterday) was boring! All unopposed primary run off and then Xcel Energy asking "Do you like me? Yes or no?" :)

I can't find the results of the Xcel vote. Do we still like them? Maybe?


Maybe it was those parking dudes from "Ferris Bueller" - they just take it for a spin, then bring it back?

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