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Wednesday, 02 August 2006


Princess Jami

Visit IKEA for me, too, please! Get all Lollapaloozed out and tell us all about it. :-) I love the regular journal idea...except I never bother to do it. Hee.


great idea- when I was in Jamaica I "blogged" on paper and when I got back I transferred it all online. It's really amazing how differently you write with a pen as opposed to a keyboard....(i was also drunk most of the time, which would explain my high school-like entries)


Have a nice time on holiday!

If you have some free time upon your return, I'd love to get together again!

Oh ... be sure to stop by Ikea and buy lots of goodies :)


It'll be like a bride diet - go without, go without, go without and then, post-honeymoon, pig OUT!


You can do the no Internet thing, but four days of email? Good luck when you get back. :)

Have a great time, Kath! Hope your vacation more than makes up for this week.


I plan on not checking mine while on our vacation.

Have a wonderful time, lovie!


do it! do it! an email/internet fast is good for the soul.


I know that you are on the computer WAY more than me, and I dont know if I could go four days without checking my email. I would at least THINK about it, a lot. Would it make a difference if I sent you emails every day for the next four days? Wouldn't it just tear you up knowing that you have great emails, just SITTING there?

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