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Sunday, 20 August 2006


Bill Daley

Thank you, Kelly, for agreeing with me. a plastic roll-up cutting sheet makes me nervous. i keep thinking slippery, no give, knife-in-finger prone. at least when i thought the carrots were resting on waxed paper there was hope for a real board. Now here's the next question: is the chef's knife large enough? here's how you tell...line up the knife along your arm. the knife from point to the hilt should run roughly from your wrist bone to your elbow...i use a 12' blade because i'm 6'2 and my arms are long. my sister would be better off with a 8 to 10 incher. A too-small knife poses problems because your fingers get in the way...especially twice a year!!!!


Bill- wrong on all counts...except maybe your eyes! It is a plastic roll-up cutting sheet. Perfect for slapping on the counter then throwing in the dishwasher. Given my parents visit on the average of twice a year, I use the cutting sheet twice a year!

Rosie and HDW- FOR SURE!!!!

Kel- Mom was protesting in the background saying she didn't want her picture taken. I cut her slack yesterday...today, not so much. Pix going up soon.


Where is mom while you and dad are having all the fun? Hey cuz, I'm with you on the cutting board issue...what was she thinking??


I'm planning on having a DRINK under that gazebo.



awww, your dad is so cute! can't wait to check out that gazebo!

Bill Daley

I just looked at that photo again!!! Waxed paper? Oy, either my eyes need replacing or your camera needs a sharper autofocus. LOL. anyway the cutting board advice still stands.

Bill Daley

Well, that meal looks delicious. Nice food styling on the platter. I am worried, however, about the cutting board. It looks like it's one of those "slippery" plastic boards that are really hard and almost glassy to the touch. If so, you should replace with a solid opaque white cutting board (the surface is textured to help hold the food in place and the surface gives slightly under the knife) or a wooden board. Asian stores sell tree trunk cross sections. hefty but effective.
And keep the knife sharp!!! easier cutting the food, less chance of cutting you!
Hi to Auntie Gene and Uncle Ernie!

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