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Saturday, 06 November 2004


Diane Stump

I've always been partial to Ralphie -- Gomez and Morty (short for Morticia) are cute if you have one of each....as are Fester, Zena, Piglet, Scarlet, Zorro and probably my favorite for a little girl is Willow.


This is the first time I am doing this...you guys (some of you) know me and blogs have never met before, other than Kathy. Anyway, I'm partial to my kitty's name, Moonpie. I like many of the suggestions above, but sadly, not creative on my own to have a name ready...I'll try again, and doing so, will likely get addicted to this blogging stuff.


I also like Blue, if its a boy. Then you can say "Blue you're my boy" like Will Ferrell's character does in the movie "Old School" which by the way is the funniest movie ever made. This is not my opinion, just a fact of life. One syllable names are also easier to yell when you're pissed off at the mut. Ex: What the f*** Blue, you s*** on the f****** carpet again? Get the f*** outside you piece of s***.

Sheepie VB

Kath, I love the idea of you being a "mom" to little poochies. I'm submitting my suggestions from LotR: Frodo, Samwise, Pippin, Merry, or Gandalf for a boy; Arwen for a girl. If you go with the elvish languages that Tolkien created you could go with: Vendie(pronounced ven-dee-ay) for a girl----that is the translation for Kathy!!!


How about Magic? or Titan (for big a big dog) Or dozier don't know talk to you soon good luck


Hi Kath,
You could name them after our Hurricanes.
Charley and Ivan for the boys and Frances and Jeanne for the girls. Or try cartoon charaters. Mutt and Jeff for instance.
It works for a friend of mine who fosters kittens.


How about Butch and Sundance. That would be great names for two dogs. Blaze and Earl would be great names for a male and female, Blaze being the female name. They come from one of our past Louisiana governors, Earl, who fell in love with a New Orleans cabaret dancer, Blaze.


What about Ern and Gene, sorta a tribute to mom and dad?? There's also Samantha, Emmy, Doggie, Max, Charlie, just to name a few. Let me think about it more over my coffee and I'll get back to you later.

Bill Daley

Use elections past and present as your theme:
Chad (as in hanging)
Blue or Bleu or Bloo


How about Mason, Emmy, Greta, Morgan, Heidi...thats all I got. I'm still drunk from last night, and at work. And waiting on my turkey and cheese luncheable from the grocery store (friend's bringing it). mmm - it'll be so good!

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