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Sunday, 09 May 2004



1st: Could you be specific about what your complaint really is? Or are you just generally upset about everything?
2nd: We are not controlled by Nazis and if I want to wear an openly political pin, shirt or whatever I can do so without any fear of governmental reprisal.
3rd: Why Red? Isn't that the distinctive color of communism? So now if I disagree with, I guess generally everything, I have to be a communist?
4th:I would understand if it was a red hat or something. but if I have red socks on or a spaghetti stain on my tie am I now one agreeing with whatever vague thing you are quietly revolting against?
5th: I declare that white shirts on tuesday mean that you agree that the author of this email should loose their right to vote.



A search of the web did not yield confirmation of the story about the Norwegian and Danish resistance wearing red. What I did find though, was a notation that the Norwegian resistance "displayed a paper clip on the lapel; an innocent item unlikely to draw attention, the paperclip was a Norwegian invention, and the display symbolized 'binding things together.'"

If it is true that red caps were also worn for to symbolize solidarity in resistance, it is possible that it was a nod to the Soviet Union, which was a powerful ally in bringing down Hitler.


Have gotten alot of email on this post. Look, red means different things to different people....just take a look at the comments posted above. For those of us that are wearing red on Fridays we are taking the extra step and explaining (to those that ask) WHY we are wearing red....and yes, it is related to the Kerry buttons that some of my friends wear with their red attire as well...or the anti-Bush buttons that other friends wear.

Thanks for the fyi Julie...appreciate your post!!


Be really careful here. Someone sent me this email -- forwarded from "Nadia Jensen", then 24 hours later sent me another email telling me it was a hoax perpetrated by a pro-war group. I decided to research for myself, so I typed "wear red fridays" into Google. I found lots of folks like you who had put this up on their websites or blogs, and I found even more pro-war activists putting forth the same idea, although not cloaked in the Nadia Jensen fairytale. Take a look for yourself.


Red also signals danger, as in the dangerous
direction into which the neoconservatives have
coerced us. It also signifies bloodshed, so wearing this color would be a fitting tribute to those who have suffered at the hands of Bush's foreign policy.


Red is the perfect color! It is for communist Russia and China, a tip of the hat to those great Marxist and Stalin leaders of the past. What a great idea. Peace and Freedom are not free, just ask our founding fathers, or those in Europe America liberated from the Nazi's.

Jean Knox

Yes, red has many connatations, but the most recent in the political realm is red states (Republican) vs. blue states (Democratic).

In this context, I see wearing red on Friday as a way to say "Take back the red states."

I like the idea and am going to do it and look around for others.


Wear red on Friday sounds like a good idea and I would have done it. I must throw a monkey wrench in however. Wearing red on friday seems to have too many meanings. Maybe you can come up with another color. e.g. 1)The American Heart Association is asking all women to wear red on Friday Feb 6, 2004 to help make public their campaign to educate women of their risk of heart disease. http://seniorhealth.about.com/b/a/062491.htm. 2) a grass roots movement using the membership of the Special Operations Association and the Special Forces Association to recognize Americans who support our troops. "it will not be long before the USA will be covered in Red much to the disdain of the the un-American ralliers." http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.archive.0304/57.html">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.archive.0304/57.html">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.archive.0304/57.html">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.archive.0304/57.html">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.archive.0304/57.html">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.archive.0304/57.html">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.archive.0304/57.html">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.archive.0304/57.html">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.archive.0304/57.html">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.archive.0304/57.html">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.">http://www.onceawave.org/archive/allhands.archive.0304/57.html

Please let me know if this could effect from other groups can make an impact by having it diluted with conservative mocking and health issues.

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