Do You See What I See?

My blog is acting wonky so may I ask for your help?

Could you please tell me what you see on my blog? Is the design green on the sides and burnt orange at the top? Or dark green on all 4 sides? Can you see my blogroll on the right hand side or do you see it alllll the way at the bottom? OR? Do you see it on the side when you look at an individual entry and not when you view from the home page?? And are you viewing my blog in Safari, Firefox, IE or another browser?? Anything else design-wise that seems out of wack?

I have a couple of help tickets into Typepad and your answers will help big time!

Hugs and Kisses and Thanks!

(UPDATE - 1:50 pm MDT - Design should be back to all green borders with no burnt orange. Blogroll now appears to the right. Thanks for your feedback!)