Still sick. For me, one of the bummery things about being sick is no desire to do the things I love. Reading, blogging,, no energy for it. That's when I can tell that I'm really sick. Plus the coughing non-stop and not being able to breathe.

Was online for a bit in between naps last night and found something worth sharing with you.

One of my buddies is at SXSW and writes about VIRB.

Much nicer design than MySpace. Not to sound elitist, but has a classier look. Signed up for it, we'll see how I like it.

Right now I'm on MySpace, Facebook and now VIRB. Checked out VOX, the Typepad edition of social networking and it did absolutely nothing for me.

Can one social networking site be that 'one definitive site that meets all your needs'? It'd be nice to think so and I think one of these days someone will nail that concept.

Who will do it remains to be seen.

Walk of Shame

...non-geek shame, that is.

Several weeks ago I ignored the little voice inside my head that screeched 'DON'T DO IT' and proceeded to download Firefox. That went awry. Then I tried downloading Safari and iTunes Music Store. One thing led to another and next thing I know, I had all the icons and not a clue of what to do with them.

And comes the sad part..and then my iTunes started acting up...skipping songs, etc. Gave me a queasy feeling in my tummy...much like the one I have now as I write this post. The following morning my iTunes had vanished. Gone. History.

So now it's time to casually stroll into the Apple Store and without sounding like too much of an idiot, explain to them what happened and implore them to help me. I am going nuts without my iTunes.

For the last 2 weeks I've been hoping to meet or run into someone...anyone...that could help me resolve my problem so I wouldn't have go do the walk of shame. But no...all my friends are PC types.

So wish me luck as I head off to the Genius Bar.

Should I Firefox?

Can I ask you a personal question? Have you made the switch to Firefox? Why? Do you think I should too?

Here's the scoop. I have a Mac...iBook OSX...Panther or Jaquar or some spotted animal...not Safari, tho. Currently have IE 5.1 for MAC. I hardly ever have pop-ups. My iBook has never had a virus...knock wood.

Just checked out the 'why switch' website. Seems there is an awful lot of 'Control this' and 'Control that' hitting the Ctrl keys. Is there an alternative if you don't use control keys...which I don't?

Doubt that this topic will keep me awake at nights...just something I've been thinking about so I thought I'd ask all of you!

Thanks for listening!

Geek Wanna Be

Tinkered around with customizing and updating my YAHOO personal page. Saw an interesting addition that would link my fave blogs to my personal page. Hello, RSS!

Ok, I will be the first to say I am so low-tech it's not even funny...not even. Most geeky-techy stuff scares the crap out of me, thinking that I will permanently 'break' something or 'crash' something. Case in point, when I first started working in HR I was given a computer and told 'Don't worry, there is nothing you can do to hurt it'. Yeah, right. I crashed it. Twice. In two days.

To compound my feeling of tech inadequacy, back when I was married my husband was one of those beyond brilliant uber-brainiac Silicon Valley software engineer types. He had 5 computers, two of which he built from scratch. He let me use one of his desktop Mac's and whenever something would go wrong he would fix it. If something went wrong on my PC at work, IS was there to fix it.

Ok, we've established I'm pretty clueless about most things techy.

So you can understand how jazzed I was when I figured out how to use the RSS add-on feature. Also jazzed to find out what RSS stands for and how it is a 'GOOD THING' as Miss Martha used to say before she entered the Big House. You should have SEEN how beyond jazzed I was when I finally learned how to link 2 weeks ago. One of my blogger buddies Curt tried to instruct me how to do this months ago. It finally clicked. Better late than never, right Curt?

And now thanks to RSS, Curt and Dooce and Beth and Bryan and some of my other fave bloggers are on my YAHOO personal page...way yay!

Yet again, it's the little things in life that can make me so incredibly happy :-)

Cold Turkey Internet

Packed my iBook for my vacation with the knowledge that while my parents computer wasn't working, their internet access was fine...or so I was told.


They were wrong. And I have been going thru withdrawal BIG TIME! Tried to figure out why their computer wasn't working...calling NetZero Tech Support was worthless...they want you to PAY before even talking with tech support...which totally sucks.

So as I visit family and friends here and there, I manage to work into the conversation that I am going thru internet withdrawal and could I PLEASE borrow their computer so I can get my daily fix? I don't care if they think I am a hopeless internet junkie...I AM...I admit it.

Thank the internet gods I am now staying with Diane and Mike...and my wonderful, awesome, fantastic brother-in-law Mike is an IT guru who OF COURSE has wireless thruout the house (YAY!!) and so from now until Thursday night (when I make my next move) I will have internet access...yes!

And my sad, pathetic addiction will be sated...for now.

Thanks Mike... I owe you big time!

False Alarm

Took my ailing iBook to see Ron at the Apple Store on my lunch break.

Ron remembered me as a blogger on a political campaign...wtg, Ron...or did he REALLY just remember me as the nutso chick who couldn't be parted from her iBook when the Logic Board freaked?

In any event, he got it up and running...his diagnosis was #1 faulty power adapter - or- #2 power surge.

Hmmm...for the entire time I've lived here (So FL) with my iBook have never had a power surge...not to suggest it couldn't happen, but it just didn't seem right.

A faulty power adapter, on the other hand, sounds plausible, since mine has been getting hotter than ever within minutes of using it whereas in the past it usually would take awhile to heat up.

So I dropped $83 for a new power adapter and just sorta hung out in the Apple Store for the rest of my lunch hour while my iBook charged. The Airport came in handy since I got to read my email, check out my blog, send a personal im to my work im...yeah, all sorts of fun while killing time on my lunch the Apple Stores always have the coolest background music.

And now I'm paying for the extended lunch hour by working's only fair.

Since some small remote part of me is afraid my adapter WON'T work once I get it home, figured I would get my blogging fix in now just to be on the safe side. And if I am pleasantly surprised and it DOES work...well, then I'm one happy camper...or happy blogger...your pick.

Ok...back to the phones!

My IBook is Sick

...and is going to the technical wizards somewhere in Texas to have it's logic board restored....they said it should be back by Friday. A WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK!!!

So I'm taking a break from blogging.

The jitters started on the way home from the Apple Store last night. It got worse. Much worse. Around 11:30 last night I wanted to blog in the WORST pandagon...did I mention no dKos?

Blogging here at work before I head out...have Monday off so that means no computer access...wonder if I can hold out until Tuesday?? I wonder if my iBook will miss me? I wonder if my iBook will miss me as much as I miss him?

Have a great weekend...hug your iBooks for me.