7 Seven 7

This post is brought to you by the # 7.

As happens on the internet, meme's get circulated all over the blogosphere.  My buddy Andrew Hyde tagged me with this meme, so I shall tag you!

See how that works?

7 Random Things About Kath

  • I have dreams that come true with alarming frequency
  • If I could rid the world of just one thing, it would be cigarette smoke 
  • I had a s'more for the very first time last week at work 
  • I've never gotten a traffic ticket 
  • Sunset is my favorite time of the day  
  • Rio's Mango Margarita is my most favorite Marg in the whole wide world 
  • There is no such thing as too much laughter  

Who to tag???

Have at it, kids!

Can You See Me Now?

Inspired by lots of others bloggers I revised my site. Like this new template SO MUCH better than my last.

Problem is, in Firefox it has my first horrendous attempt...I will spare you the description but it is barf! In IE, all is well. WTF?? Don't know why it is, but it is.

Pop quiz time...do you see the horrendous green version or the newer, nicer version?

Enquiring minds really want to know...and the next drink is on me!

And The Winner Is...

...one of you.

Sometime today (or tomorrow since today ends in 10 minutes) someone out there will click on my site and will be my 10,000th hit. Whoa..Red Letter Day. I guess.

Far cry from when I first started my blog and got 5 hits a day...and 3 of them were from me.

Have no idea what the winner will win. I'll think of something.

How's about 63 decorating magazines?

This creeped me out in a refreshing sort of way...

Here's what I'm talking about...

Today a friend quoted me to me! They actually used a quote I had just written in my blog. And I was simultaneously creeped out and pleased all at the same time.

When I type my thoughts that make up each blog entry, it is just me and my thoughts and my iBook and that's it. I formulate the thoughts in my head, type them on the keyboard, then post them to my blog. A very solitary and silent pastime....no sounds included...unless, of course, I have my iPod playing or I'm listening to NBA or HGTV or Keith (oooh baby!) Olbermann in the background....or sometimes like right now when all I hear is the noise the keys make as I hit them and the low steady whir of the A/C.

So when my friend quoted me to me, it was a sudden feeling of 'ewww, you've just read my mind' mixed with 'oh, you read my blog!'.

I'm sure this happens to seasoned bloggers all the time...they become passe...so used to everyone quoting them day in and day out...but this was my first time...and was a tad awkward as some first times can be!

Lessons they should have taught me in Blogging 101, but didn't.

I'd like to thank the Academy...

Ever wonder why someone decides to start a blog? Me too! So here's my story.

During the last days of Dec 03 I decided it was time to change my life. I had been in a rut and was unhappy with the way things were going. One of my first goals was to drop the e-Harmony matches that were going nowhere. Told one guy 'thanks, but no thanks' since he wanted to move waaaaay too fast. Told the other guy 'either dance or get off the stage' cause he was moving waaaay too slow. And unlike Goldilocks, there was no 'just right' guy...but I digress!

So the guys were history and I decided to investigate via Google about this whole e-Harmony set-up...and I stumbled onto a blog....my very first. Hmmmmm. Had heard of them...these things called weblogs...and so I posted a comment, this guy Curt wrote back, and lo and behold, I was talking to a blogger.

Sounds goofy, corny and trite, but that interaction was the catalyst that got my life going in a whole new direction!

Fast forward several months. Have gone from spending 10 hours a month to 140 hours a month on the internet. I am seriously addicted to blogs these days. SERIOUSLY! Thanks to blogs, I became a Deaniac and backed a political candidate for the first time in my life. Thanks to blogs, I got involved with a local Dean group that gave me a focus for my political frustration with GWB. Thanks to blogs, I met a ton of people around the world that have inspired, motivated, encouraged and yes, frustrated me. And thanks to blogs, I have become a much happier person. And, one of my fellow Deaniacs has become my first client in my new organizing business....talk about being at the right place, at the right time!

So thanks Academy...I wouldn't be here without you.

Curt, you're the catalyst and you rock! (www.museworld.com)

My buddy Howard who listened to my endless stories of what I've learned from blogs...after each retelling he would say with a smile 'sure Kath, that's a likely story'

Kos, (www.dailykos.com) you are the standard bearer of blogosphere political analysis...or at least you are in my opinion...and it's my blog so I can say this and if others don't agree, well that's just too bad!

Zack (www.zackpunk.net) you said to let you know when I got my blog up and running. Consider yourself advised.

Emily (www.strangechord.com) you are a breath of fresh air. Don't always agree with you but I always come away having learned a great deal about many of the subjects you hold dear to your heart.

Dooce (www.dooce.com) and Jon (www.blurbomat.com)...when do Chuck and Leta get their own blogs?

Tom...not a blogger but a fellow Deaniac who also is my first 'guinea pig' organizing client...thanks for encouraging me to not only start my blog but to start my business as well.

For all you aformentioned bloggers that might visit from time to time, and all you blog readers out there, fair warning that this is a work in progress. Am not a technical person...far from it...that's why I bought an i-Book. So no laughing anytime soon, ok??!

Stay tuned...we'll see where this venture takes me and what wonders I'll encounter along the way. Yeah, I know....a likely story, huh???