Burnin' A Hole In My Pocket

Back in the day when I had a landline, I bought a way spiff V-Tech cordless with 2 extensions....and the extended warranty that the little voice in my head told me to buy. Normally I don't buy extended warranties. Normally I DO listen to the little voice. So, ok, whatever, I bought the phone and the warranty.

31 days after buying the phone, it died. For no reason. So I figured I'd go to Best Buy later that week to turn it in. Long story mercifully short, wound up sending the phone back to Best Buy Extended Warranty Land cause thanks to the little voice telling me to buy the extended warranty, it turned out that was the only way to get my money back. Why? Because Best Buy, cheap bastards that they are, WOULD NOT REFUND MY MONEY because it was past 30 days. Even with the receipt. Even with the original packaging.

So now I have a Best Buy voucher for close to $200. And I want to spend it all on CD's. IN THE WORST WAY. THE.WORST.WAY.

My buddy Howard suggested I think of an appliance I could use for my house. Nope, nothing  that I needed or really wanted. My buddy Mike suggested I get something iPod related. Nope, nothing that I needed or wanted. And the Nikon D70 that I'm lusting after these days is waaay more than $200.

'Is it a want or a need' is a mantra I developed when I was going thru the 'trying to get debt-free' stage of my life. Been there twice...mission accomplished twice [not counting my mortgage]. And I just can't get that mantra out of my head.

When it comes to music, it's a NEED. And a want, to be sure, but still very much a need. Right up there with oxygen, water, wireless internet, killer sunsets and good hair days...I NEED MUSIC IN MY LIFE! It's my drug of choice that makes me so incredibly happy...and it's totally legal!

So I'm gonna get some new CD's.

Any and all suggestions welcome.  My tastes are pretty much Alternative and Rock.

So tell me internet...what music do you NEED in your life?

Operators are standing by....

ps-CD's I currently own!


Jason @ The Boca Apple Store RAWKS!!

Of course, I told Jason I was gonna blog about him.

How could I not blog about the totally cool Apple Genius that FIXED MY iTUNES PROBLEM! YES!! I have my iTunes back where they belong...on my iBook.  The drought is over.

Jason fixed the problem of the missing iTunes by searching for them (d'oh...I would have never thought of that...honest!), then figured out I needed an upgrade. So he did the upgrade, removed my iTunes from the Documents folder where someone...ummm, that would be me...mistakenly placed them and voila...had my iTunes back along with access to the iMusic Store which I had wanted in the first place. Very happy camper that made me.

When all was said and done I was so thrilled I wanted to hug him. Of course, that probably wouldn't have gone over that well altho he could tell that I was super-psyched. So I did the next best thing...shared two of my fave photo-blogs with him...Derek and Heather's sites. He was impressed and shared his mac file with me of incredibly cool pix that he and his Apple buddies took on their recent trip to Apple HQ in Cupertino, CA...my old stomping grounds...sigh....moment of silence. Way cool pix they were too...especially of the Golden Gate Bridge at night.

And now...several hours later...have added more CD's to my iPod and am sitting here in bed blogging and listening to Sum 41...who else...on my iPod. And life in Kathyland is very very good tonite.

Don't you just love a happy ending???

Something To Make You Smile

Several years ago while I was freezing my butt off in Boston, I came across the most interesting artist/storyteller in an 'off-the-beaten-path' store. I've been hooked on Brian Andreas ever since.

Brian's Company Storypeople has the most delightful cards I've ever seen. The artwork is interesting to say the least, but it's the small stories on each card that really get to me.

Check 'em out....I think you might like them. And as an added plus, you can send e-cards from their site. How way cool is that??