TBW. Know what that stands for?

Tossed By Wave.

According to my friend that is visiting from Hawaii, that is the #1 cause of broken necks at her hospital in Maui, HI. Seems it happens all the time.

She said a high amount of the injuries are honeymooners that wind up leaving the hospital with either the new husband or wife paralyzed for the rest of their lives.

Bottom line, never turn your back on a wave in Maui.

When You Least Expect It

Life can turn on a dime. Rather, does turn on a dime.

Several of my clients have my im and use it to shoot the shit, since I don't always have time for shooting the shit when I work. That's why they call it work, ya know.

Anyway, my client that I haven't heard from in ages got a rude awakening today. His 11 month old has a potentially fatal heart defect.

Hearing that made MY heart drop. I physically hurt for he and his wife and their son that they tried so hard to have for 7 years. They gave up, thinking parenthood was not to be. Then last year, when they least expected it, she got pregnant.

Not going to divulge too much info other than as a Daddy and a Mommy...who just celebrated her first ever Mommy's Day...they have had their world turned upside down in the last 5 hours.

The pleas to heaven and bargains to God have started.

It pains me to no end to see people who are wonderful parents and treasure and love their children go thru something like this. Even tho life is not and has never been fair, in the grand scheme of things, this ranks near the top as being so very not fair.

I wished him a peaceful night and to have hope and assured him that I and my friends would pray and think positive thoughts.

He knows I have a blog but I've never shared it with him and I doubt if I will.

Still, tonite I would like to harnesss whatever power my singular foray into the internet brings and ask everyone reading to think good thoughts.

After all, his parents should be planning his first birthday party, not his first surgery.