What If ???

Thinking the following thoughts.

What would happen if...

  • I gave up TV
  • Limited myself to one hour a night on the internet 
  • Got back into the habit of exercising an hour an day (minimum) like I did during Summer '07 
  • Tracked my budget on a daily basis 
  • Read more (and not online, either) 
  • Devoted an hour a night to home improvement/tweaking 
  • Wrote a letter - yes, an actual letter - a week 
  • Sorted thru and catalogued all my pix from back in the day 
  • Shredded everything and anything that needs shredding 
  • Did an entire Spring Clean about 4 months early 
  • Made an effort to be social once a week
You see, I stood in line at Comcast the other day for about 45 minutes. For a place that bans smoking, the entire waiting room reeked of stale cigarette smoke. It was gross. To me, at least.

The reason I was there was to get a cable box so I could 'upgrade' my system so I can save about $27/month. And the whole time I was standing there, trying not to breathe in, I was asking myself why I was there. Why do I feel I need TV? I have the internet, after all. And I'm not into network stuff and TV in general all that much to begin with. 

Yet, I stood there and when they called my number - C147 - up I went and got my little receiver. Didn't hook it up yesterday. Didn't hook it up today. It's like as soon as I hook it up, I will be flipping the switch on my my brain to allow me to waste even more time sitting in front of the tube. Wasting time for the most part. Being inactive. Just sitting there, watching my life go by.

Maybe part of it was being surrounded by people in the waiting room, none of whom looked all that healthy or happy. And did I mention the smell? They all reeked of cigarette smoke.

So as much as I heart my HGTV and NBA, I think I'm gonna quit. Take back the box. Save even more than $27 a month. And maybe, take back my life. 

I'll give it 3 months and see what happens.

Stay tuned :-)