Reading this just after getting home.

Here are my top 10 best things about coming home :

Seeing the lights of Denver below me
Wireless, wireless, wireless
A/C (after spending the last 3 days in 100+ heat in my parents house that has no A/C)
Sleeping in my own bed with my own sheets
My streamlined and organized surroundings
Being thankful for getting home safely
Back on Mountain Time
No more saying no to Southwest Airlines honey roasted peanuts
Not living out of a suitcase

And the #1 best reason I am glad to be home?

I missed my buddies :-)

NNSD for now!


Crucial for travel. Protects your ears from SCREAMING the one shrieking next to me...and talkative businessmen that feel the whole plane needs to know what business deal they are about to close.

Bose Headphones. Awesome.

This has been your Friday evening update from Phoenix,AZ.

On to Ontario, CA next.

Over and out.