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25 Things About Me (in no particular order...)

1. I had a pet duck when I was a Jr. in High School. I named him Kirk, cause I had a huge crush on a basketball player named Kirk.

2. My 3 most favorite smells are : Puppy breath, Freesia and freshly mowed grass

3. My neck was broken when I was born and as a consequence, I was paralyzed for several months. I got better, tho.

4. I'm the only one in my family with green eyes

5. My favorite color is purple

6. I am deathly afraid of heights.

7. My memory is so good that sometimes it scares me  how much I remember

8. I still have a baby tooth

9. I knew from age 8 that I didn't want kids.

10. 'Swing Life Away' by Rise Against is one of my most favorite songs

11. Karma so exists

12. If I ever get married again, I wouldn't want an engagement ring. Instead, I would want box seats at the Pepsi Center for Avs/Nuggets games

13. My favorite # is 13

14. I was a Humane Society volunteer for 4+ years in FL. 2 as a Kennel Guide...2 1/2 as a Puppy Foster Mommy

15. I have a huge sensitivity to migraines when I'm around screaming babies or smell the slightest wiff of cigarette smoke. Once that happens? I'm done for the day.

16. Colorado sunsets are quite possibly the most beautiful thing you will ever witness

17. I have an intense love of bacon

18. My entire family lives within 45 minutes of my parents in Southern California

19. Raspberry Vodka Tonics hold a special place in my heart.

20. I wish I could read minds.

21. Time travel would also be a pretty cool power

22. I'm very neat/clean/organized/ and slightly compulsive when all is said and done.

23. I've been to Israel twice and each time it changed my life for the good

24. I love sleeping late almost as much as I love bacon

25. The moment I heard Barack Obama at the DNC Keynote in '04 I knew he would be our next President.