Ring. I Said Ring, Dammit.

Few of my clients know I have a blog. Fewer still read it. No one that currently works with me reads it...pretty sure, anyway.

If you are or have been one of my work peeps, this IS NOT directed towards you.


We have caller ID at work. I love it. Makes work easier when waiting for that certain client to call in so I can tell them they have a job for the next 13 weeks.

For some bizarre reason, some clients refuse to leave voicemail. Refuse.

So I'm on a call with a client today and I get 9 calls from the same idiotic person. NINE TIMES. Not once do they leave a voicemail. Or give up and send an email. So I'm trying to have a coversation with one person while this non-stop-calling idiot is driving me crazy. And not leaving messages.

Finally, they call time #12 and Holy Mother Of God, they leave a message. What does the message say?

"Hi, I'm trying to reach you but you are out of the office so I will call you tomorrow. Click. No name. No reason for the call. No nuthin'."

Does my voicemail say I'm out of the office? No. It lists my daily schedule in my usual uber anal-retentive manner. Notes my lunch time. My fax #.

What would YOU say when you finally get this joker on the phone?? Cause I know if I say what I want to say, I will probably be out of a job.