In The Thick Of It

In the course of my job I meet tons of clients over the phone. For the great majority, it is business as usual. I really don't get close to them unless they've been with me for some time...usually 2 years minimum.

So I was sorta surprised to find that I had 'connected' with one of my brand new clients on a level that usually doesn't happen for at least a year. She is funny, a devoted weiner dog owner (always a plus in my book) and found out that we both shared something in common. She is a military wife. I used to be one.

Her husband has been to Iraq. Twice. Each time he goes, he is sent to the front line. He's going back again very soon.


Most of my clients have no idea of my political leanings and I prefer it that way. For some reason, don't know why, I asked her what she and her husband thought about Iraq. What she said frightened me. Won't go into detail with the quotes in order to preserve her identity.

She and her husband feel the war is a sham. Yes, he is a proud military office. Yes, he knew when he signed up he would have to submit to the wishes of the Commander-In-Chief. He does his job, he does it very well, and he has been fortunate enough to come home twice.

From what he sees, the upper ranks of the military have no idea what they are doing there. Nothing is being accomplished. More bad than good happens. Soldiers are needlessly put into harms way. Soldiers are ill-prepared for battle. Military families are not being taken care of. Returning soldiers that have been injured in the line of battle are being REFUSED treatment or receive sub-standard treatment.

My client went on for a full 15 minutes. Then stopped. She didn't realize how much she'd needed to vent.

Her bottomline messages were two-fold. The American people are being lied to, big-time. And it is possible to support the safety of a soldier while being against the war. She hopes the war ends. Quickly. She knows it won't...not until after the current occupant of the White House has vacated.

Mission accomplished?

Not so much.

Remember Why They're There...

My company is sponsoring a drive to solicit donations for soldiers in Iraq. A very charitable thing to do, for sure. My only problem is the signage....posters placed in strategic locations on each floor exhort us to 'Remember Why They're There".

The first thing that pops into my mind is "Because George Bush Lied".

At first the signs didn't bother me all that much. But with each day that passed, the angrier I got and the urge to 'modify' the signs increased. When I walk out of my building at 5:31 every day, I wonder if this will be the day where I snap and add my personal perception of 'Why They're There' to the sign. I've even scoped out the survellance camera's....and yeah, they are right in the line of fire. So much for being anonymous.

Then it occured to me. I DON'T WANT TO BE ANONYMOUS! I am fiercely proud of my beliefs and I am willing to own them and be responsible for them. I'm also tired of being silent and keeping the status quo. Thanks to Howard Dean and blogs and the political progressives I've come to know, nothing's gonna change if you don't speak up for change.

I'm writing an email to inform HR of my views on the signs...and will include suggestions for alternative wording. Over 400 people a day walk by these signs. Maybe they won't give them a second thought.

Or maybe they will?

Atrocities in Iraq

Utter sadness on the murders in Iraq today. It wasn't bad enough that they killed our people. No, they had to set them on fire, beat them, and drag their bodies thru the streets. I cannot fathom the incredible heartbreak this must have caused for the families of the dead. And I cannot believe how angry this has made me.

George Bush, what do you have to say about this tragedy? What do you say to their families and friends and loved ones left behind? What would you tell them? I really want to know.

I am no political analyst. I am not articulate like the people in my Dean group. I am nowhere near as savvy as the contributors on the numerous blogs I visit. But I am angry. And I vote. And I persuade others to vote.

I will promise you this, George Bush. I will do everything in my power to get you out of the White House. You have no business running this country and you certainly had no business getting us into war. You are not good for our country. You are not good for me.

214 days to go. Start packing.