I threw in the towel today. Attempted to finish the gazebo dissembly and after a promising start, I dropped my drill bit thru the deck slats.

Finished laughing yet?

So, got another drill bit. Took ages to unscrew one screw. While fighting off 3 wasps. I'm allergic to wasps. But if you read Rosie's blog you already knew that.

So I came inside and turned to the internet...where else...and put in an order for a Handyman thru Denver Service Magic...the same place where I got my lawncare and heating/cooling vendors.

Lessons plenty have been learned. I should have taken down the gazebo when it first started to disintegrate last October. Once the blizzards hit, it was a goner.

So for those that are new to ALS!, let's recap :

Gazebo after installation (thanks Dad and Mom!)


Gazebo after Winter Blizzards


Gazebo Crashed


Today's Results


Stay tuned for updates!

Want vs. Need

What I want to do :

Continue to sit here and vege and work on getting rid of my migraine that is almost gone...the one I've had since it woke me at 4:15 this am.

What I need to do:

Weed baby, weed! Tomorrow is trash day. Tomorrow is home inspection day. The weeds are threatening to kick my butt.

Clear choice on what I NEED to do. I need to weed.

Being a responsible homeowner SUCKS at times.

Ok, getting off my whiny soapbox. Lots of people in New Orleans would kill for a chance to pull weeds in their own yard. Or at least for a chance to get out of their FEMA trailers and have a yard.

Reality check complete.

Later...weeds are calling.

Broke & Broken-Hearted

...and boy are my knees raw.

It was one of THOSE nights.

Started out with promise. Hope. Anticipation. Finally after waiting for all these months, everything would go down smoothly with no frustration and life would flow smoothly again.

But it was not to be.

Nah, the two new toilets that I bought at Home Depot totalled just over $700 with additional supplies (corded power drill- whoohoo baby!) like new seats, new wax rings, etc.

My dad was gonna show me how to swap out a toilet. He's installed a jillion toilets. But tonite's heartbreaker even made him throw in the towel in defeat. After we used the towel...several mop up the floor from the water that kept overflowing.

Take that, American Standard Champion toilet, guaranteed to flush 24 golfballs without ever clogging. We couldn't get the damn thing to stop leaking. We worked on it for over 3 hours, my poor Dad gashing his arm and mom helping where ever she could, me realizing that I SUCK at this stuff...urggg.

So now my parents don't have an operable toilet in the guest bathroom...which is driving me nuts cause the whole reason I wanted a new toilet was for the guest bath to be a bit nicer.

Decisions to be made. Take it back and re-install the old crappy (haha) one that clogged when you looked at it wrong, call the Home Depot plumber to come out and take a look at it, or just wake up in the morning and hope that this was all a bad dream.

Any of you guys run into this problem? Any solutions? Sympathies? Hell, I'll take anything at this point.

My dad just trudged off to bed. Had to wait for me to wash and dry the towels so he could shower. It's way past his bedtime which made me extra sad. The things that Dads do for their daughters!

Tomorrow, we'll see what solution I wake up with.

And then we'll tackle the gazebo set-up!

Am I a glutton for punishment or what??


Decided to leave the toilet in place and called Home Depot to see if they could send an installation guy out. After getting the royal run-around for 30 minutes, decided to find a plumber/handyman on my own. You guys know any handymen/plumbers you can refer? Hit me up on my private email.

As for the gazebo, it's raining so that task will be deferred until tomorrow. Am going to pile the folks in the truck - along with the other toilet I am returning- do the return at Home Depot then go out for a day of sight-seeing. Red Rocks in the rain is still pretty (right Jami??) and we'll hit some other fun places as well. Whole Foods on the way home for a pot roast, then guess who's cooking their daughter dinner tonite?? :-)

The only time there's cooking in my kitchen is when my parents come to visit.


..finally happening.

My horribly offensive lawn, the embarassment of the neighborhood, is going away NOW!

My lawn contractor was supposed to start next week but he had a break in his schedule so within an hour sod will be ripped from my front and side premises! YAY!!!!!

Dudes and is sooo gross...let me tell ya. And soon it will be oh so pretty. (Yeah, can you tell I really have no life whatsoever when I get this jazzed about a new lawn??)

Was just finishing up a long day on the phones (in my spotlessly clean office that I re-arranged and decluttered after midnite last night) and was thinking a nap sounded good and after that, pizza from Famous Pizza...(damn you Shmeder and LSE for getting me hopelessly hooked on this culinary be sooooo good!).

Now that John is coming over, the nap is canned and am in housecleaning's my MO when company comes to call.

Q: How to make Kathy a nervous wreck?
A: Call and say you're 10 minutes away...eek! Bust out the Swiffer!

Was gonna look at bedroom furniture after pizza, but that might have to wait, depending on how soon I get bored of watching sod being ripped apart. Too bad this won't require any heavy machinery...I could watch heavy machinery all's slo-mo nature is just dreamy and sorta surreal....and very relaxing.

Just like taking a nap.


Just okeydokeyed the go-ahead for the transformation of my lawn from 'slacker-in-the-hood' to what will hopefully be a weed-free lush carpet of green grass that begs you to walk thru it barefoot.

Pricey but it will #1-make my home look SOOO much better #2-make me feel so much better about my home #3-gotta think about resale value #4- help the local economy (the guy who bid on it is self-employed and fulltime employed and going to school full he does great work) #5-it will make me happy. Yeah...dontcha know it's all about me??? :-)

"Before pix' will be up soon.

My Garage- Before

Continuing on the theme of 'little things that rock my world'...

Broke down all the moving boxes over the weekend and am hauling them to the curb at 4:01 today. Took this picture at lunchtime so just imagine the boxes on the left all gone. The entertainment center on the right will go to Tom when he moves into his new house and in case he changes his mind and doesn't want it, which ever Denver blogger wants it, it's yours for free! (Paid $650 but free to you guys!)

Eventually will paint the walls and ceiling and acid-stain the floor and install recessed lighting.

And one of these days my garage will BEYOND rock! And that will make me happy!


Sickness Or A Disease?

Have had a complete 180 degree turnaround on the subject of weeds.

The first time I pulled them, I looked forward to the deed with disgust and loathing. For some reason when I woke up today and looked out the window at the brilliantly blue sky and my semi-weedy front yard, the first thought I had was 'yay...I get to pick weeds after work'.

I am so excited I can't even tell you!

Due to diligent watering (while not exceeding the watering limits imposed by Denver Water) my lawn is starting to take shape and with that comes more weeds. It's cool, tho. The whole yanking of the weeds act was very cathartic and gratifiying.

After weeds, will hit the gym and after 7 I start the watering process.

The littlest things really do rock my world!

Like weeds....who knew???


*weighs 70# total

*is stuffed into two plastic bags

*is leaving my life FOREVA this Weds

*is no longer in my backyard

Hubs,HDW,Shmeder, Alyssa = you guys already know so please don't give it away.

LSE- you were not around when the above conversation was held so go on and give it a guess.

Everyone else that was not at the Nancy Drews Rock-Fest Sat night can also guess away...and next time you'd better make it out to a Drews show cause important shit was discussed (some might say disgustingly discussed) that night.

Ok Chayale, I know you were in Tel Aviv, so you are's an awfully long way to fly for a concert.