First Day Of Househunting - Look Out Below!!

It's time to start looking for another dream house, so Wednesday morning I met my awesome Realtor Angela to journey here and there to accomplish that task.

Takeaway from the day?  People need to CLEAN & DECLUTTER their homes before they put them on the market. Seriously, cleaning goes a LONG way if you want me to buy your house.

Of the 7 homes we saw, 2 were on the keeper list by the end of the day - both short-sales, one a house, the other a townhome.

Last night I decided I'm finished with townhome/condo living. Nothing against condos/townhomes...of the 4 homes I've bought, 2 of them were townhomes. And who knows, I may very well end up in one after all?  The townhome in question is in Thornton where I live now - actually right across the street from where I live now - but if I'm going to have to live in Thornton, I want to have lots more outside entertainment options and that (to me) says house.

The house I'm interested in has several structural defects so I'm having my buddy Jeff check it out for me. If he says no, I'll move on. 

For your viewing pleasure, want to see one of the "Nope, no thanks" homes? I knew you would!


And want to see what it did to the floor below?



Oh hai buckled-water-damaged floor!

No thanks!

Looking for something close to work, so if you know of any cool casa's near the Fruit Stand that would be perfect for the next Kathyland, please let me know!