I Swear To God I Am So Gonna Say This

I hardly ever/almost never blog about my full-time job.

Making an exception today.

Salary rates for my clients are determined by the hospitals that hire them thru us. Nothing whatsover I can do to raise their salary. Would if I could but I can't so I won't.


These two clients keep calling and asking me 'can they pay us for this'...'can they pay us for that'? My answer is always a firm and calm, 'no, they can't'. I have explained to you (SEVERAL TIMES, alright??) that we just can't do it unless the hospital pays US more $. When they do that we will be happy...no, make that more than happy...to pass along the extra to you...which we would.

Still, they keep calling. And calling. And calling. They say 'company XYZ pays their clients for that'. So I tell them great!! You might want to check out company XYZ for your next job. Hmmm...not what they wanted to hear. So they keep calling. (Disclaimer - they have both renewed with me twice as well and never went with company XYZ when all was said and done. Said they trust me. Yay me!)

Finally decided how to handle this. Reverse psychology.

Both of these clients are moms. Their kids are older. Most are out of the house. So the next time they hit me with 'but company ABC or XYZ does this' I'll remind them of all the times their kids asked them for stuff and used the reasoning 'well Billy's mom got it for him'...totally making up the Billy name, of course.

It might help them to see where I am coming from...hello from between a rock and a hard place. Then again, it might not accomplish anything other than giving you a glimpse into what I do from 9a-5:30p ET day after day after day. After day.