The Biggest Loser

Let me preface this by saying I hardly ever watch 'reality shows'. I watched most of the 'Boy Meets Boy' episodes and might have watched a total of 30 minutes of all the 'Survivor' shows put together...and a couple minutes of 'Apprentice' here and there while switching channels.

So I've watched enough to know that I really don't prefer them. 'Reality' in these shows is a misnomer...they are so far from reality to begin with. The upscale house, the behind-the-scenes bickering and the manufactured's not real.

Happened to have NBC on and 'The Biggest Loser' came on. So I watched it.

The premise is interesting. Take a bunch of overweight folks and sequester them in a gorgeous house (but of course!!), divide them into teams (yeah, what else is new??), bring in personal trainers and the person that loses the most amount of weight will be 'The Biggest Loser'....along with the expected personal interviews intertwined thru-out the show.

This show is a loser.

While it might be a perfect way to attain Neilson ratings, this is a stupid and far from realistic way to lose weight.

I can't believe how little they focused on proper nutrition. Don't get me wrong...exercise is necessary and crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But the 2-3 minutes spent breaking down the 'Eat More' and 'Eat Less' diets was far from adequate. And losing 10 or 13 or 20+ pounds in one week? That is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. I realize these people DID have a lot to lose, but losing that much in one week is unhealthy. And for the masses that are starting to watch this show, there goes yet another highly unattainable goal.

The average amount of weight you should be losing each week ranges from 1-3 pounds. To suggest anything more is just plain dangerous.

I guess by sticking to more realistic goals, this show wouldn't generate much buzz...and since it is all about the ratings and boring does not equal high ratings, they have to do what they can to make it as dramatic as possible. But at what cost??

In a society that craves a quick fix, instant gratification and drama on the side, I guess this show would be just what the weight loss doctor ordered. And yeah, I saw the disclaimer at the end...blah blah blah.

Sorry, I'm just not convinced. Quick fixes are fine for home makeovers. But not for people that need to make a lifestyle change.


And in case you're wondering why I feel so strongly about this, I know a thing or two about this subject. At one point in my life I lost focus, became overweight and eventually wanted to make a change for the better.

So I regained my focus, started eating healthier and started exercising. In 8 months I lost 85#. No diets. No drugs. No pills, tonics, gyms or gimmicks. I made changes in small increments and formed new habits. Wasn't easy, but hello!!! nothing in life ever is.

Not glamorous in the least and no one will ever make a reality show based on what I did. Which is a shame, because it was all about reality!

Rick Spence Is BACK!!

One of my favorite shows on HGTV USED to be 'Curb Appeal' with Rick Spence. While it was always interesting to see how each client's front yard was transformed, most of the time my attention was on Rick.

Genuinely nice, funny, witty, incredibly hot in a wholesome kind of way...he made me laugh with each episode.

Then, Rick left. Boo. Hiss. Wah.

I did some research once his place was taken by a geeky, if nice, not-Rick-replacement. Googled Rick and what do you know??? Rick lived in San Jose when I lived in San Jose. I wonder if our paths ever crossed. Maybe....maybe not...I was married when I lived in San Jose and was never one to really check out other guys....ya know...being MARRIED and all.

So here I sit...sick and ouchy and stuffy and feverish and my voice is almost gone... and I'm watching that total cutie-pie Rick Spence and he's just making my night and melting my heart!

Welcome Back, Rick. I missed you!