Social Disease

It's getting confusing this internet perusing
So many options, so many names
Online 24/7 so close to my heaven
So many to choose from it can make you insane.

There's Gmail for starters with chat so addicting
The green lights beckon, the red means no way
Twitter you follow for updates and laughter
And directions to parties any time any day

Vox rocks the neighbours with affected spelling
They figure the u makes it oh so very chic
Jaiku is no more well yes the name still is
They were sold to Facebook earlier this week

Now Facebook is mighty and new apps abound
Some goofy some awesome some groups in your town
While some might dis MySpace don't fear and don't fret
Their 10 minutes of fame? They're not dead yet.

Hey Dude do you Digg it with your shiny new widget
What is your ranking? What's your faux name?
For chicks there is Sk*rt if you're really alert
Laura also came up with the Tip Dish fame

Vosnap is amazing, incredibly so
It was hatched up in Boulder not too many months ago
Virb was so cool when it first came out
And now? I'm all 'eh, no big shout'

Flickr for photos, Tabblo too
So many to pick  from so how do you choose?
These social networks multiply each day
And each of them tempt me to adopt them and play

I spend time online way too much I would say
Think someone would pay me to blog the day away?
That would be killer, awesome and sweet
Let's put it to Vosnap and follow up with a Tweet.

For Your Eyes Only

Effective a couple of minutes ago, my MySpace is private. Why?

We got the go ahead and kicked off my proposed MySpace pilot for work. Wanted to be proactive at heading off unwanted views of my private MySpace. Maybe I'm making too much out of nothing...who knows? Feel better with this decision so it's all good.

So let's see how my company does with the Social Networking trend going forward. Should be interesting!


It was just another conference call. Talking about ways to grow our numbers. Should they try this? Should they try that?

The whole time I had a running monologue in my head on what I thought we should do. But rather than speaking up, I kept quiet. I have 'earned' the moniker as the one with the 'different' ideas. Kath? Well, she's 'different'. All about quality more than quantity.

The conference call ended and I just couldn't get the subject matter out of my head. I thought I was going to burst. I was very very busy and I had a huge call list to finish by the end of the day, but all of a sudden nothing mattered other than getting my ideas down on paper.

Then I pressed send. And it went.

My Director got back to me shortly before the end of the day. She agreed with me! BLINK!

Loved my suggestions! BLINK! BLINK!

Set up a meeting (another conference call) with her and I and several high-level marketing honcho's.

My suggestions won't be a surprise to you, my loyal readers.

I told them we were missing the boat. BIG TIME. We need to be using social networking. MySpace. Facebook. Maybe a company blog.

We have TONS of loyal clients that are already singing our praises on MySpace and we have not capitalized on harnessing that obvious (and free) loyalty.

I came out to my Director. Told her I've had an online presence for over 3 years.

When asked for examples, I will offer up my MySpace. My Facebook. Twitter too. Flickr, sure no prob,

My blog?

Nope...can't go there yet. That is still my private life.

It's no secret to anyone that knows me well that I live on the internet. It is my lifeline in more ways than one. It helps make my life better and I truly believe it can better the lives of our clients and my company.

Who knows where this will lead.

One thing I do know.

I said it, I meant it, now it's time to represent.

Wish me luck.

Lost That Lovin' Feeling

While I've never been 'in love' with MySpace it did seem interesting in the beginning.

Lately, I'm just not into it that much.

If I want to read blogs, I read my friends private blogs. If I want music, I go to my favorite band's websites. The bulletins I get on MySpace drive me nuts...even tho I have sent out a couple as well...but they still drive me nuts.

The close to final straw came the other day when my associate at work wanted to be my MySpace friend. I froze, like a deer in the headlights, when I saw the message.

I like my associate, both personally and professionally, but every new person I add to my MS increases the risk that they will go check out my friends, discovers who has a personal blog and next thing you know, they will have found my blog. I't not comfortable with that possibility.

My blog is where I am 100% myself. Always have been, always will be.

My work persona, while genuinely me, is the business side of me. A far cry from the Kath that you guys know and...tolerate!

I eventually did add my associate to my MySpace but not without trepidation

I belong to :

* MySpace

* Facebook



Anyone else feel this way, or is it just me??