Amazing Doesn't Even Come Close

This post might end up sounding like a greeting card on steroids. No matter. Some people are worth it.

Often overlooked in life is the difference one person can make in your life. And when I say difference I mean 'earth-moving-soul-shattering-life-changing-difference". Where slowly and surely over time, this person becomes such an integral part of your life that you really can't remember what life was like before they existed cause really, why would you want to?

They don't do anything grandiose or over-the-top. It's subtle. It's their smile, a warm word of encouragement, the pride they show in your success, the laughter with which the bonds of friendship are cemented, the inspiration they exude that makes you a better person. It's not about them, rather it is ALL about you. The genuine caring. The honesty. And the love.

Before you know it, they're firmly attached to your life and nothing will ever be the same.  The days become months become years.  And life is good because of them. Very good. Extremely good!

If you're lucky, you'll cherish every moment. Learn from them. Grow because of them. And never take a single second for granted. Because it can all end in a heartbeat.

Like many people, I have problems with 'the endings'. Not a fan.  And when it's someone that's touched my life immensely, I almost feel like my world is ending. Cause in a sense, it is.

Which brings us to this week. The week of the long goodbye. The fond farewell. Except in this case, it's more of an excruciating 'ripping your heart out and stomping it on the ground' farewell. An understatement, to be sure.

"A little too dramatic" you might be thinking?  I'd reply "No way - No way in hell". If you knew this person that I know, you'd feel the same way. And you wouldn't be alone...far from it.

So...goodbye for now. Not forever, but just for now. For the 5 days a week I got to learn from you, laugh with you (and sometimes at you), share with you (wings, anyone? howsa bout a cookie?), plan with you and did I mention laugh with you?

It was the most magnificent of times that I was so very honored to experience and doubly honored to be a part of. And I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Please don't ever forget me cause I'll never forget you.