Well DUH!!

Reading this gives me hope that Dems and Progressive Liberals might have a fighting chance to defeat the hate-based Administration that is currrently running amok.

For years it has bothered me...the notion that the Religious Right (an oxymoron if there ever was!) calls the shots in these United States. Truth in advertising would suggest renaming them the 'Rabid Holier-Than-Thou Hate Mongers', but I'll stay with Religious Right for now.

I am all for freedom of religion. Jesus, God, Buddha, Flying Spaghetti Monster...whatever floats your spiritual boat. I am not for you shoving your religion and your beliefs down my throat. Which is what I feel the RR has accomplished over the last 6 years.

Freedom of religion is why this country was founded. It's ironic that we have to mount a concerted effort to push back against the efforts of the RR. It makes me sick. It also makes me angry...make that angrier.

There is hope. Ralph Reed's defeat gives me hope. That more and more Republicans are disgusted by the current resident of the White House (that they voted into office - some voted TWICE!- ) gives me hope. Maybe people are FINALLY waking up to the ongoing tragedy that is Iraq and to the realization that the United States has become the laughing stock of the rest of the world. That's just for starters.

Too many agendas are hidden under the banner of the Religious Right. So let's fight back. We're close to losing many of our rights anyway, so what's it gonna hurt? After all, one of my favorite sayings is 'The religious right is neither'.