The Question Of The Day..

Lot of my travelers (and a couple of friends - both Dem and the other side-) called me at work to see how I was doing and the Dem travelers wanted to commiserate about the K/E loss.

Several times the conversation led to understanding the Republican mindset. And so of course the question comes up...would you date a Republican?

If you would have asked me this anytime before Tuesday, I might have been open-minded and considered 'why not, it could be fun' full well realizing that there is more to a person that their political leanings.

But when my travelers and friends asked me this question today, my answer was ' way in hell'.

What a difference a day makes. huh?

[Sat @ 12:20 am- Clarification]

Yes, an Independant voting for Bush is the same thing as a Republican in my opinion.