Why Put It Off?

As I started to write this entry, I found it telling...and maybe a tad embarrasing...that I already had a category for procrastination.

Found this article on Lifehacker and given my interest in the topic, I had to give it a read.

I don't agree with the article 100%. When it comes to last minute preparations (like getting ready for surgery or taking a vacation) I procrastinate BIG TIME. Holidays? Yep. Christmas presents to send to Cali for the fam? Always. But procrastinate at work? Never. At responding to an email in a timely manner? Almost unheard of. And while I don't pay my bills early, I do pay them on time.

So WHY do I procrastinate?

I'd have to say I fall under the 'thrill-seeker/challenger' category. It's yet one more instance where I challenge myself....often with the clock about to run out of time. It's fun. Not boring. Exciting. The thrill of the chase.

The one year I lived in VA and got all my Christmas presents out to family and in-laws by the first week in December I felt cheated by the holiday. I was bored. No excitement. No challenge. So every year since then, I am the one standing in line at the Post Office at 5:25 on the last possible day, swearing to myself that next year will be different. But yet, the one year it WAS different, I hated it.

There were several legal matters I had wanted to take care of prior to my surgery. And since I had procrastinated the paperwork I had wanted to finish was not completed as well as it could have been and in several cases, was not completed at all. So that's started me thinking about procrastination all over again.

The why's and wherefore's.

Want to complete several long-standing projects I've been...umm...procrastinating?? on for awhile while I am off this week. Have my list and I'm checking it twice.

Are you a procrastinator? What's worked for you? What's not worked? Feel free to share as I am going nowhere for a week and have plenty of time to make inroads in all my projects.


Trying to motivate myself to get out of the house. Have to pay some bills and I have no problem with that, but I also need to buy clothes.

Yuck. Hate shopping for clothes. HATE IT!

The buying part goes quickly and I can handle that, it's the trying on, standing in line for the dressing room, being continually amazed at how filthy retail customers leave the dressing rooms...I loathe the whole process. Plus the lighting in most dresssing rooms suck big time.

The thing is, I'm getting tired of wearing the same old tank tops and tshirts and my 'dressing up and going out wardrobe 'consists of maybe 4 pieces...that's it. Love my hoodies. Love my sweats. Love dressing comfy.

So I'm sitting here blogging instead of getting ready. Even made my bed which I only do on the weekends.

Too bad someone hasn't invented a service where you type in the color, size, style, budget and presto, everything would appear in your closet. That would be cool.

Ok, I'm delaying the inevitable.

Gotta go.

I Surprised Myself

All day long I'd been telling myself that I would get to the weeding first thing Saturday morning. The view from my home office overlooks the front yard, and the weeds near the driveway were taunting and vexing me big time all day. ALMOST pulled them at lunch...but decided to sit quietly and vege for a solid hour instead. That was a wise choice.

After work, after having blogged (ie- wasted time) for an hour, I suddenly said 'to hell with it' and went outside to do the deed. Only took 45 minutes, more stooping = good exercise and half-way thru it dawned on me that I would now get to sleep in guilt-free tomorrow morning. NICE!

I'm not guilty about much of anything...maybe it's a combo of Catholic vs. Jewish values colliding and the guilt factor gets cancelled out?? However, sleeping in when outside chores beg to be done has always bothered me. So thanks to not procrastinating today, I can sleep as late as I want tomorrow.

Nice way to start the weekend, huh?

This Whole Procrastinating Thingie

Had put off doing several home-related chores for ages. Stuff like washing the outside windows (I hate doing windows), filling in a tiled area in the entry way that's missing grout, re-caulking the shower, etc.

Big plans for Saturday and I want my house to *sparkle*, so now I'm under the gun to get everything ready by 9 am Saturday ...or ideally Friday pm so I don't have to pull another all-nighter.

Surprise surprise, I got a huge chunk done by NOT getting on the internet as soon as I came home. What a novel idea, huh? And now that the outside windows are clean, the patio is clean (yes, I swiffered the patio tiles...you knew I would) and the shower upstairs is being bleached I can concentrate on the run-of-the-mill cleaning that I'll have done in 45 minutes.

WHY do I procrastinate? Why do you procrastinate?  My dad always used to say my reason was that I like activity and having a purpose. When I finish something under the gun, it gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment. One year when I lived in VA, I got all the family Christmas presents mailed by the weekend after Thanksgiving. I felt lost when the bulk of December rolled around. That was back when I used to celebrate Christmas and for that year, things just weren't the same.

Funny, the tricks we play on our mind and the patterns we allow ourselves to fall into.  In some respect, I do have a huge feeling of accomplishment right now. On the other hand, if I had not procrastinated, I wouldn't have had to take time off from work to get everything done during daylite hours.

Break-time over...front doors are callling.

Procrastinating Again

Decided I do this often enough, so created my own category for procrastinating.


I have been saying that word so often lately...have no idea why.

The shower needs scrubbing and the entry way tile needs grouting. Told myself I was not going to bed unless I did at least one of those chores.  So here I sit, blogging and listening to music.

Am still liking Mighty KC, whereas the new Coldplay CD I snagged tonite sounds like one big old nursery rhyme. Speed of Sound  and Fix You are cool (Fix you? yuck!!) but he shoulda saved the rest for his kid Apple's personal CD collection.

Hey, did you know that Big and Little were playing strip Pizza tonite??? :-)

Actually, all they did was order Pizza Strips with dipping sauce, but I thought Strip Pizza sounded better. Almost as good as Strip Free-Throws, but that was in coilege and some of my family read this blog, so that story will stay tucked in my memory for now. 

Damn, I hate it when I procrastinate.

Smart me, before I left for Publix, I sprayed Tilex all over the shower. So now I HAVE to clean it out otherwise my room will smell like Tllex all night and it's better I do this tonite than at 8 in the am after having slept in once again.

NNSD...time to clean.

[Update 1:18 am]

Bathroom shower is clean. Discovered it needs a new application of caulk. So that's what I'll be doing tomorrow night after my after-work appointment that will run until 10, then my workout that runs until 11. Good times here at Kathyland  Besides, sleep is for wusses. :-)