Different Strokes...

It never ceases to amaze me how we can be so alike and on the same page with so many of our friends...you like the same music, have the same sense of humor, share the same passion for guacamole WITHOUT cilantro thank you very much, and share so many varied and different things...yet are so 180 degree opposite when it comes to politics.

Over the course of being a Deaniac, I have found out just how many Republicans I have for friends!! Who knew?? Certainly not me!

Yeah, I got Deaniac fever relatively late in the game and it took many of my friends by surprise! Hell, it took me by surprise that I felt so connected to this Doctor and Governor from VT. Howard Dean was the answer to my prayers as to what our government should have in the 'leader of the free world' dept. And while I was totally bummed when he stopped campaigning...notice I did not say 'dropped out'...I still campaigned for him in the hopes that he would get his 15% for the FL Primary.

Took the Monday and Tuesday of Primary week off from work for last minute campaigning...planting signs, leafletting, etc. I remember thinking the awesome weather was a gift from God to thank me for taking time off to do what I saw as my civic duty.

Yet when one of my buddies from work called my cell and asked why I had taken two days off and I told her why she said 'Are you still stuck on HIM?'...like Dean was some wayward boyfriend that I couldn't shake.

And to this day I just don't get it. How so many of my friends...intelligent, honest, smart, loving people...can be for Bush? Hello? That is GWB we are talking about and they are FOR him??!! The guy that lied about WMD. The guy that lied about military service. The guy that murders the English language on a daily basis (I'm sorry...maybe I am naive in expecting the Commander-in-Chief to have a command of the English language).

Every day I hear of one more soldier being killed I wonder how GWB feels about that? That based on his lies of WMD we went to war...he PROMISED us we would find weapons, yeah he did...and because of his actions soldiers are being killed on a daily basis. How does the man sleep at night? How can he function?

And what makes so many people believe he is doing a great job?

I just don't get it!

No one died when Clinton lied.

That's a bumper sticker I saw at our supposed Democratic Unity Meetup tonite.

I say 'supposed' because it was SUPPOSED to be just that, a Democratic Unity Meeting. But I guess these days one just assumes that Democratic = Kerry.

Ok, I'll go on record by stating the following....Hi, My name is Kathy and I'm a Deaniac...and damn proud of it, I might add!! Am I bitter that Dean did not go farther?? Hell yes I'm bitter...and pissed and frustrated and thoroughly disgusted with the media, the DNC and all the crap that was thrown Dean's way.

Having said that, yeah, I am voting for Kerry. I don't want GWB in DC a second longer than he has to be so duh, no brainer that I am voting for Kerry. Getting back to tonite's meeting, the focus was supposed to be on unifying everyone. That never happened.

We met where our Dean group used to meet every Wednesday. Was great seeing familiar Dean faces in the crowd of 60+. We really have an AWESOME group...tons of energy, enthusiasm, intelligence...you name it, we have it in our group and I am beyond thrilled to be a part of it.

Right off the bat the meeting was all about Kerry, tho. No 'hey, are there any Dean people here we can welcome'? Any Edwards folks we don't know? Clark? Nothing remotely close to that was expressed...very sad. Not to mention an opportunity missed!

Some good things did happen. Great pitch on behalf of Betty Castor from her son, daughter-in-law and two gorgeous (and well-behaved) little grandaughters. Castor sounds like someone I can get behind...someone that knows Florida, knows what we need and has the honesty and integrity that so many public servants lack.

Adina and Bruce were there imploring people to volunteer for voter registration efforts in the Palm Beach County School system. Great people working for a great cause...and yes, in case you are wondering, I have already volunteered to help them!

At the end of the meeting...or what seemed to be the end...the whole meetings sorta simultaneously disintegrated all at once...my group got together to strategize about what we need to do going forward.

Have a good feeling about the future of our group. Lots of potential and promise. And lots of work to do before 2 November.

Wish us luck!

We want our country back!