On The Road To Happy

For Mother's Day, I gave my Mom and a friend's Mom a copy of The Happiness Project

I read Gretchen's blog at the beginning of her quest and ran across the finished project in book-form right before Mother's Day. It got me thinking about happiness in my own life and what really makes me happy.

So I created a spreadsheet (nerd!) this weekend and realized I liked using vibrant-festive colors in my spreadsheet way more than completing the spreadsheet...so....yay for realizing my love for color.

Moved on from the spreadsheet to a handwritten list...which made me realize that lists written in black fine-tip ink are not as happy-inducing as colored markers. Efficient, yes. Happy, not so much.

Breaking it down even simpler, without any writing of any sort, I decided to do ONE thing each day that makes me happy. Just one thing. With two parts. The "What" that makes me happy. And the "Why" it makes me so.


WHAT - Taking a long drive to deliver/mail overdue presents.

WHY - Feeling of accomplishment. Wanting to be a better friend. Making others happy. Enjoying the views Colorado has to offer on a sunny day.


WHAT - New towels & bath rugs from Home Goods.

WHY - New colors that I normally would have never picked. Nicer texture (much softer than my 6 year old towels). Cozy up my bathroom.  They were all on sale too - an added bonus!


WHAT - Scotch Eggs & NBA

WHY - Have you ever HAD Scotch Eggs? You should! As for the NBA part, I fell out of watching Basketball last year cause I stopped going to bars to get my sports fix and I don't have a TV. And today I decided it was time to let a little NBA love back in my life. 

So really, nothing earthshaking, dramatic or uber-expensive was needed to provide my jolt of happy du jour. Just the little things. More to the point, maybe focusing more on the little things and not letting the bigger things in life have so much power over me?

Will track this experiment for the next couple of weeks and see where it goes. Want to join in? Be my guest!

And I know what you're thinking...why the sudden need to be happy or feel happy?  Cause there's been several non-happy/less-than-joyful/totally unpleasant events in Kathyland as of late so I'm trying to balance everything out while being as transparent as I care to be in a public venue.

So...tell me...what makes YOU happy? :-)